Posted by: tenntrace | April 19, 2010

Shoes, shoes, more shoes

Well, it seems that everyone needs new shoes here at the Carnival.

DD2 outgrew her softball cleats that were too big last season.  She also needs new running shoes, a real pair of running shoes since she is now running and will hopefully be in a local track club’s summer kids program – running twice a week and a meet every Saturday.

DH desperately needs a new pair of sneakers/trainers.  I’ve never seen anyone wear out a pair of tennis shoes the way he does.  His look like the dog (if we had one) has been chewing on them a month after we get them.  I wear sneakers until I’m tired of looking at them and finally buy a new pair.

So, I declared tonight a “no gym” night (DD1 and I usually go to the gym on Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday evenings), that we would have to eat out somewhere, and everyone must be forced to endure shoe shopping for the others’ sake.

Have I mentioned that DD1 has Asperger’s?  And that she hates stores?  And even though she loves eating at Chili’s that the noise factor there usually makes her grouchy?

So, first stop of the evening is to the sports department at Target.  Cheap softball cleats, under $20, and out of the store in 20 minutes (including the time we stopped to chat with someone).  Yippee!

On to Chili’s.  Typically loud and their usual great service (although the kitchen seemed a bit slow this evening).  Leftovers for the girls to eat before church Wednesday night.  DD1 starts complaining about how long we’re at the restaurant and that she has a headache and that she’s ready to leave and …………….

On to Dick’s Sporting Goods for DH and DD2 to look for running shoes and sneakers.  DD1 went next door to prowl around PetSmart, guaranteeing us at least 15 minutes of angst free shoe shopping.  Well, not so angst free.  DH can’t find anything he likes, and DD2 can’t find anything in what we consider a reasonable price range that is in her size (2 sizes larger than the last ones we bought).  Call us frugal, cheap, or realists, but I think spending over $50 on a pair of running shoes for a 10 year old who isn’t competing is ridiculous.

DH ended up buying some golf balls and I tried on some workout gear (thanks, Dicks, for starting to carry workout clothes in sizes for those of us who need to work out!)  but I didn’t buy anything – the Adidas shorts felt weird – I can’t quite get used to the wicking fabric, so will try again when I’m calmer and maybe they will feel okay.

DH thinks that track is a cheap sport, but I’ve already told him once she starts serious competition that she will need a new pair of running shoes every 500 miles or so.  At >$100 each.  Plus all the really cool +$40 running shorts that she’s got her eyes on.  If anyone owns a sporting goods store and would like to advertise on the back of a very petite 10 year old in exchange for clothes and/or shoes, just email!

So, we still have shoe shopping left to do, but it will have to wait until Saturday.  The rest of this week is booked and I need to get in some gym time.


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